The information kiosk is located on the 2nd floor, near the escalators and elevator. It offers a wide array of services:

  • General Information / Lost and found
  • Directory, Location of stores and services, Store phone numbers
  • Loan of strollers, wheelchairs and walkers (ID card is required)
  • Emergency Intercom service (lost children, assistance to the elderly, etc.)
  • Auto Aid (free battery boosting and unlocking of doors)
  • Comfort Zones, with comfortable seating, televisions, and plenty of reading material
  • Gift card sales
  • Tourist Information
  • Used batteries collection
  • Fax and photocopy service
Please note that the information kiosk's hours of operation are the same as the shopping centre's.

Wish to make a comment or a suggestion? Forms are available at the Customer Service desk. Rest assured that we will follow up.